Danish companies

Danish companies

We provide a swift and proper handling of a case when our clients are struck by bad luck, allowing them to focus on running their company and achieving their internal goals. It is our task to always review and question the rulings of insurance companies in the case of a claim; a task that demands insight and experience within the insurance market landscape.

The employees of Hansson & Partners utilize decades of experience from the industry and their backgrounds in low, claims and risk management to reach the best possible results for our clients.

Read a case on our work in claims by clicking here.

One can with relatively small effort cut substantial costs on insurances. Our clients are often surprised at how much they save in time, money and resources, where a correct risk assessment and coverage leads to a significant decrease in the insurance premium. The swift and consistent advisory when damages are assessed saves time and money accompanied by a quick solution to all matters related to insurance gives our clients more time to focus on their core business.

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