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About RC Plast

RC Plast is a Danish company that works with efficient collection and environmentally friendly handling, processing and reuse of production waste from the plastics industry in Scandinavia, Europe and the US. The company was founded in 1984 and produces an annual output of 13.0000 tons. From this, 75% is exported. RC Plast is 100% focused on production and has a high dependency on their production facilities.

Michael K. Nielsen


The best prices were by the insurance brokersRC Plast

A new owner group at RC Plast meant a reevaluation of the insurance area of the company.

”You need a broker if you want the best prices. The insurance structure provided by Hansson & Partners is the appropriate fit for a company like ours, where insurance policies can be complex without having the internal capacity to handling the matters.”

RC Plast brought in AON as their insurance partner in 2002, where broker Klaus Jespersen was point-of-contact at AON.

”Our personal relations along with our experience working with Klaus Jesperen meant that we decided to move with him to Hansson & Partners.”

Working with Hansson & Partners truly faced its ultimate test in 2011, when the full RC Plast production burned down due to malfunctioning electronic wiring. Hansson & Partners aided RC Plast with their claims and helped the company recover from the situation.

”The assistance we received from Hansson & Partners was highly satisfactory, where they also provided advice about the use of external advisors. Our operational loss was minimized and an emergency production was established in Esbjerg, Denmark, meaning that we kept all customers while refraining from downsizing even one single employee.”

RC Plast recovered and reached 75% of its full capacity within six months. Following the incident, RC Plast have installed sprinkling systems to avoid future claims.

The demand for contact between RC Plast and Hansson & Partners is limited on a daily basis yet Hansson & Partners are never more than a phone call away when the need for advice appears.

”We have an annual insurance meeting where we evaluate our current efforts and discuss if there are areas where we should scale up or down. We place high confidence in Hansson & Partners on the areas that we’re collaborating with them on. Our requests are always handled swiftly with a high degree of professionalism with clear lines of communication.”

Evaluating today, RC Plast have seen a financial benefit from working with Hansson & Partners.

”Hansson & Partners have aided us in paying the right prices for the right insurance deals and we discovered that there were savings to be had.”

The time has now come to solely focus on their main area, production, and let Hansson & Partners take care of their insurance-related matters.

”We see Hansson & Partners as a serious partner on the insurance area where easy communication is integral. The service is always of a high standard and we receive answers on our requests within the same day.”