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About VTI Vinderup Træindustri

VTI Vinderup Træindustry is Europe’s largest manufacture of glulam, used in the production of furniture and windows while also catering to DIY projects. Roughly 60-70% of all VTI products are exported. The company manufactures in Denmark with a workforce totaling about 100 employees, working across 22.500 m2. Visit for further information.

Karen Kaag

Chief Finance Officer

A large-scale operation requires a strong insurance partnerVindeurp Træ Industri

Insurance policies, tenders and risk assessment aren’t top priorities in the daily operations of a glulam manufacturer.

“We aren’t skilled in working in the insurance arena, thus we needed a partner that can ensure us the suitable policies and have our back when misfortune strikes—a partner who addresses the issues we face in the correct manner.”

An insurance broker that focused on the tenders of standard rates wasn’t the right fit however the internal skillset of the company didn’t allow for it to assess benefits and shortcomings of available offers either. This motivated VTI to commence partnership with Hansson & Partners in 2005 where COO Pia Eienstrand acted as liaison on behalf of Hansson & Partners.

“I took responsibility of our insurance efforts at VTI in 2008 and have had a great working relationship with Pia Eienstrand. To be able to reach out to her as our point of contact and receive swift, competent and well-informed advice is truly brilliant and the longstanding relationship between the two companies is a beneficial factor in this.”

The partnership has been a big help to VTI in their daily operations.

“We take great comfort in knowing that Hansson & Partners are only a quick phone-call away if any insurance-related concerns arise on a daily basis.”

In particular, the partnership proved its worth when siloes and machinery of VTI set on fire in 2010, causing large material damages.

“We immediately reached out to Hansson & Partners who guided is safely through all obligations and opportunities. We closed the case with the insurance company in a satisfying way, thanks to the assistance provided by Pia Eienstrand. Our production was quickly up and running anew and we avoided suffering from large economic costs.”

Up to today, the partnership puts VTI’s insurance-related concerns at ease, allowing for them to focus on their operations.

“We no longer need to worry about our insurance policies thanks to our close partnership with Hansson & Partners—they check and approve all policies, ensuring full coverage on our end where need be. Working with Hansson & Partners has also led to financial savings as they work on cutting costs through tenders.”

The collaboration between VTI and Hansson & Partners is founded on close relations, trust and confidence in each other as partners.

“We have an annual meeting to review our insurance efforts to set on a strategy for the year to come. Here, Hansson & Partners bring forth issues that we hadn’t considered ourselves. Months can often pass without us being in contact with Hansson & Partners as this is not a need; they handle our matters with the greatest expertise, allowing for us to focus on our short- and long-term goals within the organization.” 

“Hansson & Partners are an incredibly competent and responsible insurance partner. They assess your needs and risks accordingly and from there, make an overview of fees that allows for full transparency on both sides of the partnership. It’s an honest way of doing business. Hansson & Partners are incredibly professional and I would happily and undoubtedly recommend them as insurance partner.”