Risk management

Risk Management

Risk management is the key to influencing market terms and pricing

When it comes down to the heart of the matter, risk management is a set of opinions and values, determined and supported by the company’s executives that trickles down from there throughout the organization.

These opinions must be constantly challenged, reassessed and developed; a process not to be run by IT-systems but rather by humans with the ability to communicate and interpret the developments occurring.

Hansson & Partners employees have extensive knowledge within this area with risk management posing as an integral aspect of our methodology.

Parachutes or insurances

Not only do we consider the size of the insurance premium; we also assess the total costs associated with a given risk. We hold the belief that it’s better to invest in improvements of the company than it is to finance future risks by drawing up new insurances. In other words; you can either invest in a parachute or a life-insurance when falling off of a cliff.