Case Nic Christiansen

About Nic Christiansen

Nic Christiansen deals with mobility solution, mainly working within the automobile industry. Their client base spans across Denmark, Norway and Sweden, split into three different segments: import, auto dealerships and leasing.

Simon Hjort

Finance Manager

From insurance company to insurance broker

Nic Christiansen decided to reevaluate their insurance deal when the employee previously responsible for this was up for retirement.

”We realized that we couldn’t get the solution we needed at an insurance company while also being confident that prices were still following the market. We didn’t possess neither the time nor the interest in handling our insurance matter ourselves and it was too complex for us to handle by ourselves. Therefore, we decided to find an external partner that possessed the proper knowledge and expertise, matching our needs”

Nic Christiansen chose to partner with Hansson & Partners.

”We were drowning in trying to understand the different terms of the market along with its specifics. Having Hansson & Partners as trustworthy experts on the areas has been a great help to our business.”

Teaming up with Hansson & Partners meant that the company no longer had to worry about its insurance efforts beyond filing claims, since Hansson & Partners secured the required agreements in the offer rounds.

The biggest advantage of the collaboration with Hansson & Partners has been the price points.

”We’d been working with Tryg throughout many years but have realised upon going into a public offering that the prices were a bit off. Working with Hansson & Partners allowed us to spread our portfolio across different insurance companies; something that we, if you wanted to obtain a fair price, weren’t even aware was a possibility up until this point. An insurance broker is an expense in the books but is something that makes it money back in return and more when spreading out the portfolio.”

Nic Christiansen no longer need to spend energy on their insurance policies and segmentation of portfolios.

”All-in-all, we’ve been highly satisfied with Hansson & Partners; the collaborative effort has worked really well. Beyond money being a factor when settling on an insurance broker, it too is a question of chemistry and we found their positive reputation from their clients appealing.”