“Söderberg & Partners acquires Hansson & Partners”

With the acquisition of Hansson & Partners, the medium-sized and large companies with Söderberg & Partners now have a larger non-life insurance broker with more options and better prices.

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Working with Hansson & Partners includes:

✓ An impartial insurance and risk advisor, acting independently from insurance companies
✓ A helping hand when misadventures occur. See here
✓ Transparent pricing. See here
✓ 200 years of industry experience combined
✓ An ambitious and highly skilled team of advisors and brokers


Hansson & Partners is one of Denmark’s leading insurance brokers for businesses.

We look forward to meeting you and working collaboratively to determine how we can assist your company with your insurances.

Or contact Sales Manager Søren Stenkil Bronée via phone +45 3092 9655 or email sb@hanssonpartners.dk to hear more about how we can tailor a solution to your company and its individual needs.




Our extensive network of local insurance brokers across the world enables us to ensure that your insurance solutions are consistently aligned with domestic regulations in the given countries.

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Our swift and timely approach to the services provided saves money and resources on the end of the client. Solving matters in a quick and agile manner allows our clients to focus on what’s really important: running their company.

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We handle damage evaluations on a daily basis for public companies while aiding them in risk and damage assessment for various self-insured municipalities.

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We work with some of the biggest transport companies along with several harbors and airports on a continuous basis. Additionally, we assist companies working within manning and personal within the sectors of bus and railroads too.

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We not only examine and evaluate the size of an insurance premium but also place a focal emphasis on risk-related cost. We’re by the belief that it’s more prudent to invest in improvements within your company rather than finance future risks by drawing up a new insurance.

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We serve to remove all doubt related to the impartiality of our company which is why our customers are solely invoiced an HP fee, meaning that the fee paid for the service provided by Hansson & Partners will be based off an agreed-upon HP Fee, regardless of which insurance company delivers the insurance coverage to the given client.

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Your insurance partner

We work as the internal administrator of the insurance program of our customers,
both when it comes to price, advisory and when a damage has to be claimed.
We’ve been a key factor in the significant increase of the private equity holding
through consistent administration, risk management and counselling.
We look forward to assisting you cutting costs and boosting profits.



Going from insurance company to insurance broker

Simon Hjort, Group Finance Manager

”We’ve been highly satisfied with the services provided to us by Hansson & Partners and view our cooperation with the company as really well-functioning.”

Nic Christiansen

The insurance brokers offered the most competitive prices

Michael K. Nielsen,

”Hansson & Partners have guided us in paying the right price for the right insurances and have shown us where we could save resources and money on the question of insurances.”

RC Plast

A valuable partner

Erik Fournais,
Group Finance Director

”Hansson & Partners are an independent expert in assessing what’s best for our insurance needs; something that we find to be the most valuable asset of our partnership with them.”


An extensive production demands a strong insurance partner

Karen Krog,
Finance Manager

”Regardless of which insurance-related issues or concerns that we encounter on a daily basis, we take comfort in always being able to call Hansson & Partners for prudent and solid advice.”

VTI Vinderup

Give us a call on +45 76 311 311 for a chat about your insurance needs