Business model

Business Model

Our concept

We present and advise our clients on the solutions that their company faces in light of the current and total risk costs, based on a risk analysis of the company’s operations.

We provide advisory service within casualty and risk management to the following sectors:

  • Danish industries
  • Logistics
  • Public sector
  • International clients

Bargaining power
On behalf of our clients, we prepare tender materials for a carefully chosen selection of insurance companies, assess the offers received and negotiate the best possible solutions on the basis of said assessments. We have a strong consistent track record of achievement and optimization of insurance solutions for our clients through follow-up negotiations with the given insurance provider.

The art is not to gather a higher volume of offers for contracts but rather to negotiate and construct the most optimal terms for our clients from the offers received.

In turn, we prepare a plan for action-taking with our recommended solutions in compliance with the needs and wishes of our clients.

We provide assistance to our clients on a daily basis when insurance-related concerns occur. We advise when the damage has occurred – how do you file the claim and is it covered by the insurance? We’ll help you.

Your trusted consultant

We work as the internal administrator of our clients’ insurance program, both when it comes to negotiating premiums and advising on offers as well as when damages have to be filed.

We have helped our clients boost their equity by several million Danish kroner throughout the years by honest and consistent administration, risk management, consultancy and purchasing.

We look forward to helping you cut costs!